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Real Estate Investors – Watch Out For Property Owner Associations

How can you turn a $130 property owner association fee right into a $541 fee? It was an unpleasant lesson which i wanted I possibly could have prevented. Reviewing the occasions since i have bought this property in 2004, I am unable to know if I could have been in a position to anticipate the average consumer Association, HOA, issues.

Allow me to provide you with the response to the issue – How can you turn a $130 property owner association fee right into a $541 fee?

· First, don’t inform the real estate investor that there’s a house owner association in the property closing. I don’t know this really is legal. The contractor was still being building some homes within this development.

· Following the closing, the home was rented without having any issues.

· Second, delegate the treating of the HOA. Once the builder completed his project, it outsourced the treating of the average consumer Association to some management company. This most likely happened roughly 24 months once i closed on my small property.

· Third, convey a lien around the property controlled by the average consumer Association. After my last tenant moved using this property in August, we made the decision to rework it. On our visits, we found instructions from the lawyer within the mailbox. The letter mentioned the HOA had place a lien around the property. To be able to obvious the lien, I will have to spend the money for lawyers fee and also the HOA charges of $541.

· The introduction to the charges are listed below

a. $310 in association charges. $130 delinquent association fee and $200.00 at the end of charges. Based on their records, they’ve billed $20.00 late fee for 10 several weeks.

b. $225 lawyers fee

c. $6 filing fee

· The important thing component for turning $130 into $541 isn’t to tell who owns the home of what’s going on.

After I faced the average consumer Association Management, they mentioned that the monthly invoice have been delivered to the apartment. Is that this statement true? I don’t know. The tenant never explained to me a HOA letter. However, I’m able to say with assurance that for last three several weeks, there have been no letters in the association.

Where do you turn if you’re confronted with situation? Would you spend the money for charges or else you fight the association in the court? Within this situation, I selected to pay for the charges. The 2nd option was tempting. However, the attorney charges and court charges would greatly exceed the penalty fee in the association. I’d have won the fight but lost world war 2.

Property Owner Associations do provide numerous important benefits, for example, landscaping and upkeep of the most popular areas, some provide use of a swimming pool, as well as their rules help boost the property values.. However, it’s the horror tales that provide them a poor name. Hopefully by discussing this story other real estate investors may benefit from this.

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